Mustapha King delivers an enlightening and powerful preaching every Sunday.

 Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Keep your faith strong by diligently meditating on the Word of God.

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We are passionate about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world! If you would like to get involved and find out how you can help, let us know and we’ll introduce you to the team.

Worshipping God In Spirit And Truth


The main focus of our worship is to glorify God. We invite anybody to attend each Sunday, and our congregation spans a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. Our service will include a combination of singing, worshipping, praising, and a powerful message enabling you to connect with God in different ways. Ushers will welcome you with open arms. Ushers can also help you find a seat near the front of service, you will be encouraged to greet the people sitting around you, but no one will single you out as a visitor. The lyrics of the songs we sing throughout the service are projected on a screen in the Sanctuary where worship takes place.

The Fathers Consent VS The Fathers Blessings

Many people are confused on the topic of the blessings or do not understand it. Here with The Supreme Nation Of God you will learn to walk with his supernatural favor and protection on your life. This revelation will empower you to walk into the land that is occupied by giants with complete courage and understanding that you have the victory(Joshua 1:6-9). Aligning with the Fathers will is the way to access his blessing. Everywhere you go everything will respond to you favorable as God intended!  


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